Want to work from Reykjavík?

(That could be you in the middle.)

What is it?

Reykjavík Coworking Unit is an affordable temporary workspace for freelancers.

Nothing too fancy — just a barely converted industrial space offering big desks, 24/7 access, free coffee, fast wifi, friendly coworkers, rental bikes, dogs (optional) and good cheer.

Located by the old harbour in the centre of Reykjavík, it's about five minutes on a bicycle from this place.

Specifically made for all kinds of good people — including, but not limited to, web designers, developers, writers, graphic artists, photographers, illustrators and people like that. You know the sort.

Where is it?

Reykjavík Coworking Unit is located on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. It's called Iceland — and it's not as cold as it sounds.

More specifically it's in Reykjavík, a small city with many good people and things in it.

Where exactly? It's pretty much in the centre of Reykjavík, by the old harbour in what is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Reykjavík Fishpacking District.

How much is it?

Well, it's cheaper than working from a coffee shop. And the coffee is included.

What do you need?

5000 ISK / week
(that's about 1200 ISK / day)


Your first day is free! Write to to arrange a visit.